Energy of the Future

Applicable Biomass

Ideal for biomass with high content of cellulose, hemicellulose, proteins and with low lignin content:

  • Grasses, hay, straw, maize, sun-flowers …
  • Cereal and grain peels, pods
  • Waste from food industry – dairies, sugar refineries, distilleries, malting plants …
  • Residuals from vegetable oils pressing – rape, soy, sun-flowers
  • Waste from fruits and vegetables processing
  • Sludge from water-treatment plants
  • Cattle slurry

Less suitable for wood biomass and poultry slurry

  • Slow reaction, inhomogeneity of the product

HTC technology is an ideal solution for:

  • Mixed biomass
  • Biomass with high humidity content
  • Low quality biomass that is not suitable for any other utilisation
  • HTC Process