Energy of the Future


Biocoal is a coal which is similar to fossil coal. Difference stems from the fact that biocoal is produced artificially from biomass by means of hydrothermal carbonisation (HTC) technology and compared to fossil coal it offers several significant advantages.

Biocoal is ideal for de-centralised, local utilisation of biomass and biowaste with high humidity content, such as sludge from water-treatment plants, organic component of communal waste and waste from food industry.


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Hydrothermal Carbonisation

Hydrothermal carbonisation (HTC) mirrors the natural process of fossil coal creation. Process that took millions of years in the nature can be performed during one afternoon. Using the temperature of 220°C, pressure of 25 bar and environment without access of air and with added catalyst the biomass is dehydrated and carbonised.

Hydrothermal carbonisation technology was described for the first time already in 1913 and although it brings many advantages it has not been applied until recently on the industrial level, not only due to the low energy prices.

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Our Company

NIREX a.s. is based in Bratislava, Slovakia with branch office in Prague, Czech Republic, is official authorized partner of AVA-CO2 Schweiz AG for development, sale, construction and operation of industrial Hydrothermal Carbonization facilities for processing of biomass and pranic wastes into biocoal.